Most sellers do not do enough research and investigation prior to selling their home. This is among the most valuable asset you will likely own and dispose in your life time. It should be a very happy and a memorable experience, we will go out of our way to find your dream home if that is your plan once your home is sold. It is one of the most expensive decisions you will ever make in your life time, so why not make sure it is not just good but a great! experience. Selecting the right person to do the job can save you thousands of dollars a lot of wasted time, and frustration. We make sure that your home gets the right exposure to get the top value market place will bear.  We will help you get your home ready to make certain that it is in the best possible condition before exposing it to the market place.

It is a very emotional experience selling you home. Some times the reasons for selling your home can be very stressful, we take the stress out of the process. There is more to selling a home then just getting it listed on the market place, we create a marketing plan based on your property and needs.....

We have seen sellers make a lot of mistakes over the past thirty years that can be easily avoided to make sure you get your moneys worth. Selecting the right person can make all the difference from start to finish. How things will turn out at the end and at that time the cost of doing business suddenly becomes not so important. Timing and loss of opportunity is very important in this business. We do it right the first time.

The most activity you will get on your property is in the first thirty days it is on the market.

Here are some very common mistakes sellers make;

1. NOT LISTING WITH AN EXPERIENCED REALTOR®  When listing your home with a member of Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) each member adheres to a strict code of ethics that provide a wide variety of benefits to buyers and sellers. all real estate agents are members of Calgary Real Estate Board. 

2. Have your real estate agent perform a competitive market analysis.  Often times real estate agents will not have the information or expertise and a know how for what other properties have sold for or what your current competition is.  A real estate agent working for you will prepare a competitive CMA so that you can look at what other properties have sold for and what other properties similar to yours are listed for. 

Real estate agents can make very professional adjustments for any major differences for homes sold in your area. They can adjust condition, size, basement development, location, age and view to your property to come up with a very realistic value for your home.

3. Price your property competitively and correctly from the beginning!  Although many sellers want to try and get the most out of their property and take the philosophy that they can always adjust the price at a later date.  In reality the best and most qualified prospects will come early in the game when the for sale sign first goes up and your property first hits the local multiple listing service hot sheet.  Often times sellers who price their property higher in the beginning and then begin to lower their property over time get less for their property than they would have if it had been priced correctly from the beginning. you will get the best activity in your first thirty days of listing the property. If you are over priced you will end up getting less money at the end, these facts have been repeated time and time again.

4. Get a home inspection in advance.  Normally a home inspection will not cost you a lot of money and can be a good marketing tool for your agent when selling your property.  It is also good because any major issues or problems that might arise can be fixed in advance. As a home owner you may not know what is wrong with your house, this is a proactive approach and can give you confidence in your homes overall condition. Smaller items that can sometimes give the buyer bargaining room to reduce your cost can also be prepared or fixed in advance of your marketing efforts and can generally save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars by preparing in advance. Some times that home inspection may be used by the buyers to make a final decision.  Keep in mind the buyer will always have the option of obtaining an independent inspection. 

5. Real Property Report should be updated or replaced when listing your home for sale. This has caused a multiple of headaches for sellers and buyers and many transactions have been terminated due to issues relating to RPR.

6. Reduce clutter.  It is important to remember that reducing clutter and as much furniture and other items in advance can help in the sale of your property.  If you need to store things in boxes or pack things up and move to another location or to another family member or friend’s property the extra room can normally be a benefit. Removing just about everything from the kitchen counter top can make it look very spacious and appealing. Front closet can look very spacious if you remove all but fours jackets and leave the empty hangers there. 

7. Give your home a fresh coat of paint.  Generally a fresh coat of paint and cleaning the carpets are all very important in helping you sell your property.  Normally painting your home will not cost much money and can add a good fresh up look to your home. Living room, family room and bedrooms are very crucial as these days earth tones and contract colours are very common based on the age and the theme of your property.

8. Open drapes and turn on lights.  It is always a good idea to allow as much light to infiltrate your property as possible.  Turning on lights, adding new stronger light bulbs and opening blinds and drapes is a big plus for marketing your property. Take a good look at all your light fixtures, do need just need cleaning or replacing with a $50 fixture that can change the appearance of the whole room.

9.  Avoid music and avoid being home when your property is shown.  Although many sellers like to be present during the showing of their property for a real estate agent being gone can help immensely in the marketing of your property.  Buyers normally feel free to open closets and look at the property without sellers following them around or talking too much about the property.  You might also say the wrong information or come off as desperate to sale by being present during the showing. Some times the buyers will sit down in the living room and feel the home, this would never happen with the sellers around.

10. Provide copies of receipts on items you have purchases for your agent or repairs you have made over the last couple of years.  If you have installed a new roof and you have a copy of how much you spent for the roof that information can be helpful to put into a folder or book along with any other major expenses or expenditures you have spent. all work should have been performed by a certified contractor to show that you are following the code.  It is also a good idea to have copies of your taxes, the insurance premiums, utility cost per month and any other important information such as surveys or plats that maybe available to help your real estate agent during the marketing process. 

11. Do not leave any repairs for after the house sells. some sellers will tell the real estate agent that they will get all the repairs done once the house is sold and make sure everything works before they leave the property for the new owner. Showing the a home with no visible defects gives the buyer an impression that he/she is dealing with a very good owner who takes pride is looking after his property. This will result is not too much bargaining and could even generate multiple offers on your home...