Mission Magic

You might know Mission as an inner city Calgary neighbourhood, but did you know it was once its own village?  It’s true, at one point Mission was the Village of Rouleauville.  Founded to form a strong catholic French community, the neighbourhood became primarily English over time and was annexed into Calgary in 1907. 

Today it is a vibrant, highly walkable, inner city neighbourhood.  Located in the southwest quadrant of Calgary between 17th Ave and the Elbow River, it offers a short commute to a downtown job as well as many opportunities for shopping and recreation. 

One of the most active and popular streets is 4th street.  Filled with places to grab coffee, shop, or get a bite to eat, people who don’t live in Mission often come to enjoy its atmosphere.  It boasts popular eateries like Suzette Brittany Bistro and Bocce, as well as great shops like Coco and Violet. 

The Purple Perk offers Missionites their own version of Friends' Central Perk with a friendly vibe and great coffee.  Purple Perk, Phil and Sebastian's, Starbucks, and The Boulangerie are all places to get great coffee and pastries.

If you are worried about groceries, Mission’s centrally located Safeway can take care of you. 
If nightlife is your thing, Mission is adjacent to 17th Ave  –  an avenue that is famous for quality pubs, fun bars, and great shopping. 

If you have ever been around Calgary during a Flames playoff run, you’ll know of 17th Ave as the "Red Mile", the place where Calgary Flames fans congregate to celebrate a victory.  If you would like to read more about 17th Ave and the Beltline district, click here.

Off of 4th St. you are likely to find yourself on a quiet street full of Victorian houses, beautiful condos, and large trees. A nice mix of modern and historical, Mission offers something to suit most tastes.  Check out Calgary condos for sale in Mission.  You can also check out all Calgary condos and properties.

Walk around a little bit and you will find a peaceful path along the Elbow River that is perfect for a nice walk or bike ride.  Follow that path and you will end up in beautiful Stanley or River Park. 

Stanley Park has activities for the whole family to enjoy.  You can sit by the river or under large trees on a nice sunny day, participate in lawn bowling, go for a swim in the pool, wade with the little ones in the wade pool or throw the Frisbee around in the large greenspaces.    

missionplayground1Cliff Bungalow (one of the neighborhoods in Mission) has a wonderful, huge playground for children in the historic school ground of Cliff Bungalow Elementary.  Grab a coffee before you go to the playground and relax while the kids run around having fun.

River Park is a gorgeous park right off the Elbow River that has even more green spaces and trees to help you get back to nature, along with a playground for the kids.  It also had the Elbow River Suspension Bridge, made famous by the iconic Disney movie Cool Runnings. However, the park now has a more modern bridge. If you have a dog, both parks provide ample paths and places for them to explore.  They will probably love it as much as you.

Mission has a population of 4,325 as of 2012, which is actually down .9 percent from 2011.  Most of the housing is apartments and condos, which make up 94.6% of Misison's housing.  The median income for Mission is $37,040.


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