The Beltline is the Place to Be


Calgary’s Beltline district is one of the city’s oldest and most established neighbourhoods, enjoying a reputation for being home to many of Calgary’s trendy, urban-dwelling young professionals.

The Beltline is just across the railroad tracks from downtown, on the south side of 9th Ave SW/SE. Here is a city map of the Beltline area.  

Connaught is the main neighborhood of the Beltline, with the communities of Victoria Park, Lower Mount Royal, and Mission bordering it. Thanks to this central location, it is a highly desirable area for inner city living. It also has a wide variety of businesses and venues, ensuring that the Beltline has something for everyone.

Once home to the infamous Electric Avenue in the ‘80s and ‘90s, the Beltline is a much quieter neighborhood now. However, it still has a vibrant nightlife thanks to its proximity to popular 17th Ave (also known as the ‘Red Mile’) and favourite downtown hotspots, such as the many bars and restaurants of Stephen Avenue Mall, the Jack Singer Concert Hall, the Glenbow Museum, City Hall, and the independent movie house Globe Cinema.

Beltline-Calgary-Boxwood-1 Within walking distance of the Beltline are many other Calgary social hubs, arenas, and community & activity centers such as the Saddledome and Stampede grounds, the Talisman Centre, the ‘Old Y’ (now called CommunityWise Resource Centre), Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, and the trendy art street (11 Avenue SW) of galleries like the Paul Kuhn Gallery, Contemporary Calgary and the Stephen Lowe Art Gallery.

Foodies will also love the central location of the Beltline since many popular specialty food markets and restaurants are located either within the Beltline or in neighbouring communities. Markets such as Sunterra, Community Natural Foods, Cookbook Co. Cooks and Metrovino wine market are all easily accessible by foot, bicycle, or long board. There are also specialty bakeries. As for restaurants, there is a plethora of highly-rated restaurants serving every fare of cuisine one can imagine – from sushi to breakfast food to The Boxwood in Memorial Park, the Beltline has more than enough to offer for even the most discerning restaurant goers.

Beltline-Calgary-Shelf-Life-Books Yet despite its central location and distinctly urban vibe, the Beltline also appeals to nature-lovers thanks to its closeness to the Elbow River and some truly beautiful riverside pathways. These pathways connect to a more extensive city-wide pathway system, allowing the Beltline’s residents and visitors alike to easily travel throughout the city without having to use a motor vehicle.

Understandably, Calgary’s Beltline has seen a major increase in its population (much like the rest of the city). In 2005, the Beltline had a population of 16,360 residents. In 2009 – just 3 years later – its population had gone up by 12.1% to 18,341. This is a higher rate of increase than the entire city of Calgary experienced, increasing by only 11.4% in the same span of time. By 2014, the Beltline’s population had hit 21,357.

Of the 21,357ish people who call Calgary’s Beltline home, only 31% of them live in homes that they actually own. Furthermore, a whopping 99% live in a duplex, apartment, or townhome and 91% of residential dwellings have two people or less living in them.

This population boom has resulted in a corresponding boom in residential construction, with the development of an abundance of condominiums, townhouses, infills, and other forms of high-density dwellings. Many new high-rise condos and apartment buildings have joined the skyline. As a result, transit service to and from this area has become some of the best and most reliable in southern Alberta, allowing Beltline residents to easily, affordably, and sustainably get to and from work, school, and elsewhere.

There are many new condo buildings in the Beltline.

Yet while there is a definite building boom, the Beltline still has a good choice of older, more affordable condos and apartments. A keen eye and a bit of luck go a long way in scoring one of these more affordable accommodations, but once found they provide easy access to all the amenities and conveniences offered by the Beltline area. Your inner city realtor can help you find and buy a condo for your budget and lifestyle. We have many Calgary condos for sale and many condos in the Beltline area.

The Beltline is one of Calgary’s oldest neighbourhoods, with over a century of being an important part of Calgary’s urban make-up. The Beltline’s architecture comes in various shapes, sizes, ages, and zoning permissions. For example, there are buildings in Connaught that pre-date World War I, while other buildings are as new as yesterday. Some of the Beltline’s more famous historic buildings include the Lougheed House, Nellie McClung House, and the Old Y Building.

With so much to do, see, and experience it is easy to understand why so many of Calgarians want to live in the area. View the Beltline condos for sale.